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Thank you for joining the Mission Pawsible team.  Together we are going to save the lives of the hardest to save PACC Cats. This is the private site that we will use to communicate within our PACC Cats: Mission Pawsible group.  It is easy to track conversations, filter out the conversations that are not relevant to you, we have a shared calendar and a place to keep important documents, socilization/marketing articles, photos etc.  You can set up your email feed to send your email once per day or as they come in.  If you are only communicating with one other member on our team you can still do that outside of this site by direct email, but let;s use this for all group discussions.  In the future we may find we need to set up a separate  sub-group for our identified groups in need,  but for now we will all just use the top level Mission Pawsible group.
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  • PACCCatsMissionPawsible | Seniors
    Here's where we can work on helping our seniors get out of the shelter.
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  • PACCCatsMissionPawsible | medical
    Here's where we can work to help our medical cats.
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